The Genesis

The genesis of the project was Tiny House: Live small, dream big; an inspiring book of small spaces, by Brent Heavener.

The Tiny House concept resonated with the conservation and environmental strategy we had developed for the farm. A standout design, which was different from all the “eco-lodges” was a treehouse design.

We were inspired by the treehouse – it had the hallmarks of a hunting lodge, a high seat and offered the type of retreat that would provide a sanctuary amongst nature.

It took some investigation using Google Images Search to identify the treehouse as being “Tom’s Treehouse” at Camp Wandawega. Wow! We found the concept at Camp Wandawega to fit in with our leisure and recreation concept for the farm.

Tom’s Treehouse

We loved the treehouse, but realized that the design needed some additional thoughts; safety, insulation, electric.

Who are we?

We have been farming the land for three generations – well – caretaking really.